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“We believe we are marketing our program and philosophy as much as our cattle and thei
r genetics. We think it is important for our customers to view it all.”

Leland Red Angus is a family operation that is owned and managed by Melvin and Luella Leland and son, Todd. Melvin’s father homestead the ranch in 1911 on the edge of the Badlands in western North Dakota and Todd is the third generation, representing nearly 100 years of continuous family ownership.

We host our annual production sale at the ranch the second Friday each March, offering 160 bulls and 60 heifers. We sell bred females each fall through private treaty.

We manage our purebred, registered cowherd of 500-plus mother cows on the western range like a commercial operation. We expect the cows to calve unassisted in the pasture, utilize the semi-arid forages year-round, travel across rough terrain on sound feet and legs and bring home a heavy-weaning calf in the fall. We don’t believe in creep feeding – that’s the cow’s job – and we don’t feed the cows except in the winter months prior to calving.

We utilize the breed’s top sires as well as the technology of AI, embryo transfer, DNA and fertility and carcass ultrasound to bring our customers the best genetics possible. We utilize weights and EPDs, but we also select our cattle beyond the numbers for disposition, fertility, udder structure, soundness, survivability and customer satisfaction. Our show ring is our pasture and bull pen due to limited labor resources.

At the end of the day, our customers can feel confident their Leland Red Angus genetics are leading them in the right direction.

Annual Production Sale     

Friday, March 9, 2018
1:00 MT, At the Ranch
41 miles N of Beach, ND, or 34 miles SE of Sidney, MT

185 Bulls and 65 Heifers
Including 18-month-old bulls from Koester Red Angus

Free Lunch, Free Delivery, Cattle are Guaranteed!
All sale bulls will be 50K tested!

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